Why Shopping Local Really Does Matter


Have you started your holiday shopping yet? If you have, have you been buying local as you can? I have not started my Christmas shopping yet, but when I do, my goal is for 100% of it to be from local retailers. Why? Because as I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, shopping local matters. It hugely impacts our local community in a positive way. For every $100 you spend locally, $68 stays in our local community. On the flip side, for every $100 you spend at a non-local business, less than $43 stays in our local community. The amount that stays local drops even more significantly when you consider (non-local) online retailers. *


November 28th is Small Business Saturday. I challenge you to go out and support as many local retailers as you can on this day. Start your morning by getting coffee at a locally-owned coffee shop, head to a few boutiques for those unique items not found in the big-box chain stores and perhaps an art gallery to support the local artists! Don’t forget lunch at that cute place owned by your neighbor (they have the greatest menu), and then end your day at a local winery or dessertery…


On Small Business Saturday in 2013, $5.7 BILLION was spent… in 2014, this number skyrocketed to a whopping $14.3 billion and it’s projected that $14.5 billion will be spent on Small Business Saturday this year.


But, don’t limit your local shopping to Small Business Saturday… I challenge you to consider supporting local businesses all year long. Winston-Salem is chocked full of local businesses. How do you find these local businesses? Check out local magazines (ahem, Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family magazines are great resources and the November and Decemer issues even include a local gift guide), ask friends and family what some of their favorite local retailers are, and follow these local businesses on social media so you can be reminded of them and see what specials they may be offering on Small Business Saturday and beyond.


If every family in the United States spent an extra $10 a month at a local business instead of a national one, nearly $10 billion (yes, billion with a ‘B’), would be directly returned to our local economies.* Imagine what this number would look like if you spent an extra $100 at a local business each month rather than a nationally owned chain.


Happy {local} Holiday Shopping!