A Valuable Network is Power

This month, fifty women gathered at the Womble Carlyle Club to exchange healthy practices, business cards and so much more.  Thirty five women took the initiative to meet with Novant Health for their biometric screening to learn their numbers to take control of their health!

In the spirit of our Healthy 2015 initiative, our women entered the room with health centered Bingo Cards.  Our women mingled around the room looking for the lady with the answer!  Introductions were made, cards were exchanged and health tips were shared… I do believe some workout partnerships were even established among a few of our women!

Once Bingo was completed, our women were directed to sit in tables with unfamiliar faces to get to know one another, understand each others business goals and objectives and how to work together and to help one another achieve those goals.  When you get to know people outside of your circle, it is truly incredible to see the doors that can be opened and the information that can be revealed to you.  A solid network is a powerful tool.


During lunch, women met with Novant Health to discover their “numbers” through biometric screenings.  Jackie Ireland, Programs Chair, will reveal some of those findings to us at our April luncheon!   In the road to a healthy lifestyle, you are not alone!!  Remember to rely on the women in your network that apply healthy practices to their day to day and use these women as a resource when embarking on your journey to a healthier life!

Women from both mastermind sessions stood to share how their first meetings went.  Shannon Kemp, Style Encore, and Kristal Manning, Renaissance Day Spa, shared their experience and some knowledge gained from the, well attended, Small Business Marketing Mastermind that was led by Connect Marketing.  Brooke Eagle, Forsyth Woman Magazine, shared information discussed at the Young Professionals Mastermind; earning respect from seasoned professionals, obtaining additional degrees, maintaining work life balance and becoming a leader.