Style Encore and the American Heart Association

Almost one year ago, Shannon Kemp, a PWWS Member, opened up Style Encore, a women’s consignment boutique, on Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.   Shannon has been an active member of PWWS and her store is quickly becoming a go-to fashion destination for Winston-Salem women!


This year, Style Encore has partnered with the Triad chapter of the American Heart Association and will be raising money for them with a silent auction.  Also, a portion of the sales proceeds for the shopping night will go directly to the AMA.

Style Encore has offered up a Member Perk in months past through our PWWS newsletters and they are back again!  For the month of MARCH, PWWS members will receive 20% off of their purchase!  Just bring in either your gold PWWS “W” pin or a print out of your Member Profile.  If you don’t have your gold “W” pin yet, be sure to attend the March luncheon on March 11th to claim your pin.

Shannon asks in return that we make our best effort to attend their Ladies Night Out THIS THURSDAY, February 26th, to support the American Heart Association as we wrap up Heart Month!



AHALadies Night Out

Ivey Baker

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