Scholarship Application

In 2000 Professional Women of Winston-Salem (PWWS) established a scholarship fund for single mothers in or attending school in Forsyth County. The scholarship is intended to help single mothers complete their education while juggling the demands of family, work and school; all the while demonstrating a strong commitment to their academic studies. The PWWS Scholarship Fund will provide $2,000 for tuition and books for one semester or quarter of study at an accredited institution. Qualifying students may apply for more than one semester or quarter; however, an application packet must be completed each time.

About PWWS Goals.

  • To support women on a professional level
  • To learn from each member by sharing professional experience and ideas
  • To develop and influence confidence in women who aspire to higher career goals
  • To build a community of women who support each other in becoming more effective in the business world
  • To provide programs that stimulate professional and personal growth and development
  • To offer a forum where business women can exchange resources and new ideas, make new contacts, and open new lines of communication

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

The PWWS Board has provided the following guidelines, which must be met by the woman who is selected. Candidates must:

  • Be a single working mother, at least 18 years of age
  • Be enrolled in an accredited institution degree program offering an AA, BA, BS or equivalent degree
  • Have a minimum 2.8 GPA (cumulative)
  • Be employed and work at least 10 hours per week
  • Be a Forsyth County, NC resident OR be enrolled in an accredited institution located in Forsyth County
  • Be a United States citizen

Criteria The criteria, which will be used for the selection of a candidate, includes:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Copy of most current FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) or a copy of an award letter from the Financial Aid Office establishing financial need;
  3. Official college transcript;
  4. Personal statement, and;
  5. One confidential/sealed letter of recommendation.

ProcessThe PWWS Scholarship Committee will review the application packages and recommend finalists to the PWWS Board. The Board will make the final selection using the above criteria. The Scholarship winner will be notified by August 15, 2019. The winner must attend a designated monthly meeting to receive her award, and also to meet and network with members and must allow the use of her story in promotion of the scholarship program in the future.

The Application

Applications (and all required materials) must be received by May 31st, 2019 – this is NOT a postmark date.

Required Materials

All of the following items must be included with your application for it to be considered by the PWWS Scholarship Committee:

  • Completed application form(complete the form on this page)
  • Copy of most current FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) or a copy of an award letter from the Financial Aid Office establishing financial need; (you may upload a file to the form or send it by mail)
  • Official college transcript; (you may upload a file to the form or send it by mail)
  • Personal statement (included in the form), and;
  • One sealed letter of recommendation (mailed by the recommending party, sealed and signed across the seal. The letter may be from a teacher, current employer, or from a friend, family member or co-worker who can address your motivation to attend college and your ability to succeed.) Download a PDF of the recommendation letter here.

Mail supporting materials to PWWS Scholarship Committee P.O. Box 26802, Winston-Salem NC 27114.

Submit only requested materials. Please write your name in the upper right hand corner on every page submitted. Applicants will be notified if they will receive a scholarship by August 15, 2019.

Any questions regarding this application should be emailed to scholarship@pwws.org. Be sure to include “Scholarship Fund” in the email subject line.