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Life Coaching with KP

Based on over 27 years in financial accounting and management, Karen knows firsthand the stress, out of balance and overwhelm that can come from the daily grind. She is confident that there is a way to love your career and life and experience more feelings of balance, calm and bless. Karen loves and thrives in relationships with her clients, friends, family and pretty much all personal interactions. Having “been there and done that”, she absolutely loves helping people truly take control of their life, claim their greatness, and connect with their own power to create the life they want. Her ideal clients are high velocity professional women 35 and over who have found themselves saying, "Something has gotta change and I think it has to be me. I am so ready to go from stressed to blessed". Then together they figure out what that change looks like and create a plan to get them to where they want to grow. Karen's desire is for everyone to thrive where they are and grow where they dare. Karen brings compassion and genuine care for others, which gives her an intuitive edge to help her see and hear what the client is really saying. This in turn allows her to help her clients bust through or remove what’s blocking them and go from overwhelm to clarity. Karen takes pride in watching you bloom. Karen is committed to helping her clients cut ties with the lies and go from stressed to blessed. She does this with a dash of humor, accountability, bottom-line approach and tons of encouragement, support and inspiration.
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I can't wait to find out!!!!

Everyone I meet - both the teacher and often student as well.

Stay connected to your inner passion and keep doing the very next right thing.

My Mother because of her ability to love unconditionally, work hard and smart, and maintain life long friendships.

Breathe, Have Faith and Don't Worry.