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Organizational Learning Strategist/Writer

I am committed to enhancing the human experience at work by dignifying what employees do and creating experiences that customers want to repeat. I draw from my background in people development, communications, human resources, marketing, line, staff, and consulting roles, inn-keeping, rides with cab drivers and my infinite curiosity about and empathy for humans -in everything I do

I am an organizational learning strategist, writer, facilitator and coach. It is a privilege to engage with others authentically, to hear their stories, hopes, and challenges, and to help them perform and contribute their best.
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Embracing and learning to live from my authentic self.

Resilience and a disciplined approach to achieving my dreams and goals.

Say "yes" more than you say "no;" learn with humility and grace; know that you are never "better than" any assignment or task. Take it all in and see the big picture. Never forget that your greatest assets are your character, your kindness, your curiosity and your consistency.

A former Director of Employee Relations who took a chance on me when I hadn't an iota of training or experience. He modeled courage in the face of pushback and a powerful willingness to trust his gut. I am forever grateful and indebted to him.

Corralling my life experience in such a way that I mindfully craft the next chapter in my work.

Self acceptance. I am not what happened or happens to me.

"I want to be thoroughly used-up when I die." -Shaw
"Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror." Just keep going. - Rilke

That my heart and my mind were wide open to receive and inspire the best in everyone. Perhaps it is "empathy" in its broadest expression.

To identify and own my boundaries.

Too many... I am an avid reader of literary fiction, a would-be English professor, and an alter-ego personal stylist. I am also crazy about animals, dogs in particular, and am ever the humble, fumbling gardener!