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I am a wife, mother, and dedicated professional blessed to have a career that is all about building relationships which allows me to connect deeply with the people I serve.

Life is busy. We work hard, we take care of our families, we contribute to our communities. Too often we expend all of our energy taking care of everyone else's needs and leave little time to take care of - or even understand - our own needs. I work with successful professionals and business owners who have worked hard to accumulate wealth and want to be sure that poor planning doesn't require them to have to start all over. By fully understanding my client's goals and dreams I create a strategic financial plan that addresses their concerns. Through disciplined investment management I give my clients peace of mind knowing they are on track to achieve their goals. One of the best things about the work I do is that I have the opportunity to develop very strong and personal relationships with the individuals and families I serve. My clients are my friends and I find great passion and purpose in taking care of them. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I graduated from St. Norbert College with a BS in Economics & Business, and Marquette University Law School. Prior to entering the financial industry I was an estate planning attorney at a firm in Milwaukee. My husband, Scott, and I have been married for 15 years. We moved our family to Clemmons, NC in 2008. When not in the office you may find me roller skating, bowling, playing Uno or taking in a movie with my 4 children. If I'm lucky enough to find a quiet moment I enjoy the opportunity to dive into a good book.
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My four children are my greatest achievement. They fill me with such joy my heart could burst - even when they are testing my patience.

The greatest resource I have is a great mentor. I have been fortunate to have a mentor at every step of my career though my mentors have changed over time as my life and work has evolved. Nothing can take the place of a trusted and experienced confidant who can see what you can't see yourself and give you straight up truth.

One of my early mentors told me that if you do the right thing every time the business will follow. He was right! I would add:

Understand from the beginning that there will always be something new you need to learn.

Be selective before you take on a new client - business just for the sake of business is a disservice to your client and to you.

There will be ups and downs; figure out what you need to stay positive regardless of the circumstances around you.

When people ask what brought me to this career I always point to my mother. My mom ran a private family office. She managed the legal, real estate, financial, etc. matters for four generations of a family. She didn't handle transactions for clients - she took care of people she cared about. I knew early on that my life's work would look very similar to hers. The fulfillment my career brings me allows me to look at what I do as my purpose rather than as a job.

My biggest challenge is recognizing that there are more things I want to do than there are hours in the day. Every day I work to manage my time so that I can pay attention to the things that really matter and be sure to have quality family time.

In October 2008 my oldest child was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He was only 3 years old. At one point doctors thought there was nothing left to do and that he had maybe 2 more months to live. Lesson #1 - Never give up. My husband pushed and found a doctor at Duke who wanted to try treating our son. Today Noah is 12 years old and has been cancer free almost 9 years. Lesson #2 - God knows more than we do and His plans are better than ours. Trust Him and surrender. Lesson #3 - Don't sweat the small stuff. Surviving a life threatening illness as a family really teaches you what matters and what doesn't.