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Personal brand Photographer

Blessed to be able to help online entrepreneurs, influencer's, and businesses share their story through the use of branded images.

I have been a photographer for over 15 years. I started as a sports photographer and over the last few years I have made the switch to family photography. Now, I am introducing Personal brand photography. My goal is to help businesses get strong imagery to support their values, their brand and most importantly tell their story. It is so important for businesses to understand that customers don't buy brands they buy from people they feel they know and trust.
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My greatest achievements in life are my children. Not a day goes by that I learn something new from one of them.

My greatest resources are Jamie M. Swanson, Jennifer Kutcher, Sarah Petty. These are strong women in the field of photography that are sharing their life learned lessons and talents with other photographers.

Practice is the best thing a new photographer can do. It is only through practice and learning the basics of photography will you grow and improve. Secondly, find a mentor that is willing to give gentle yet honest critiques of your work and guide you through the landmines in the photography industry.

My oldest sister Myra has been a role model for me all of my life. Watching her grow even in the hardest times has taught me so much. Most of all she has taught to endure and stay strong.

I found that my biggest challenge in life and business is getting out of my own way and believing in myself. Self doubt has no place in someone's life. In order to succeed you have to first trust yourself and believe you can achieve your goals.

My best and hardest life lesson has been to believe I can. Believe I can do whatever I set my mind on. Learning disabilities don't prevent you from succeeding, only I can do that. These are just obstacles and challenges that are meant to make me stronger and endure through the struggles.

"The purpose of life is to discover your gift, the meaning of life is you give that gift away." David Viscott

Being kind

"You learn more by listening than talking"

Creativity Takes Courage
Story Brand by Donald Miller
Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty
Jab, Jab, Jab Right hook by Gary Vaynerchuk
Tribes by Seth Godin
Start with Why by Simon Sinek