Planning Your Summer Vacation

We love to vacation, but because of the demands on our schedules, vacations are usually just a short and sweet weekend getaway.  We like to have most things scouted out before we go so that we can really relax and enjoy our time while we are away.  My husband loves to figure out where the locals go so that we don’t get caught up in tourist traps.

I LOVE Pinterest (be sure to follow PWWS) when it comes to planning and pulling together ideas for anything under the sun!  I recently stumbled across this really neat site that is similar to Pinterest but it is also like Angies List or Yelp.  You pick five cities where you would like to vacation that you don’t know much about and then you select the city where you live, or one that you know A LOT about.


First, you are able to provide all kinds of information to fellow subscribers about your home city, that they would then be able to use if they were planning to travel in say… Winston-Salem.  Then, you are able to see insightful information from people that either live or frequently vacation in the cities where you are interested in visiting!  A great way to find the best local spots and activities that might be going on during the time when you are planning to be vacationing.

Another great resource, if your travel plans are a bit more complicated, is  Tripit takes all of your information; itineraries, directions, hotel confirmations and consolidates them into one location to make the information easier for you to access when you are on the go!

Lastly, if you are anything like our family, food is always on your mind when vacationing in a new and exciting city.  Zomato is a great new tool for finding good eats!  You are able to search by neighborhood, meal of the day and type of food.  Reviews from other visitors populate, you can follow food bloggers and you are able to see what has been trending that week.


Start Exploring!!