New Year, New You

It’s a new year, and that self-reflection we all feel compelled to do looms over our heads. For me personally, I haven’t set one new resolution because quite frankly I don’t know where to start! Should I exercise more, make more time to spend with my family, eat better, curb my shopping, produce more art or stick to my budget?

If you think about it, so many New Year’s resolutions are focused on changing something that you perceive you are doing incorrectly or should be doing.

What would happen if we did a paradigm shift and instead of making a resolution that shames us for who we are today, we strive for something new and different?

We can still achieve new accomplishments, but how different would your new year be if instead of making that dreaded list of what you are currently failing at, you focused on the positive? We all know that negativity in our lives invites more negativity, so make 2017 the year you take care of you and invite more positivism into your life.

It can all start each morning. When you wake up and make that first trip in front of the mirror, instead vowing to go to the gym more, or criticizing how you look, what if you took the moment to name 3-5 things about yourself that you love? Celebrate you. Then set goals. It’s ok if it’s just one goal and you can work to achieve it, it’s also ok to not beat yourself up if you don’t achieve it. Don’t shame yourself for who you are today, give yourself credit for what you have already achieved each and every day.

Think about the small accomplishments you achieve each and every day—and be kind to yourself, invest in yourself and 2017 may just be your best year yet!

-Kim Thore