Ladies… What’s the Most Important Muscle in Your Body?

You probably have heard by now (many, many times!) that February is heart health month. While consistently eating “heart healthy” foods is so important, so is the exercise aspect! I recently heard a trainer ask, “Ladies, what’s the most important muscle in your body?” …. After the ladies made several (wrong) guesses, he told them the correct answer: Your heart!! I couldn’t agree more!! I’ve always been a huge advocate of working out—I’m one of those weird people that truly loves waking up at 5am to get my workout in.

For the past few months, I’ve been seeing so many ads / articles / etc. on wearable fitness trackers, so being the workout fanatic that I am, I decided to make the investment on a ‘Fit Bit.’ And I LOVE it!

Less than a week later… my mom decided she wanted one…and a week or so after that, our project manager, Denise, got one too! (Fit Bit, where’s my commission?!) The coolest part about us all having Fit Bits is that we are able to do challenges with each other. For example, we can do a ‘Weekend Warrior’ challenge and see who gets the most steps in over the weekend… or the ‘Work Week Hustle challenge’ and see who is the most active during a 5 day work week. I’m not the most competitive person in the world, but you better believe I have gotten my butt off the couch more than once during the past couple of weekends after checking my fit bit app and seeing that my mom was THOUSANDS of steps ahead of me!! ☺

In addition to the challenges, my fit bit tracks my sleep every night! It creates a graph with spikes every time I’m restless or wake up during the night…and I’m just a nerd that loves that kind of stuff. And in my husband’s opinion, the VERY best part of my Fit Bit is that it has a silent alarm… it vibrates on my wrist … so that I’m not waking up my poor husband at 4:45am with my loud cell phone alarm.

Ok, off to get some more steps in! Mom AND Denise are both ahead of me in our Workweek hustle challenge…but not for long!!