From Stressed to Blessed: Mind, Body, Spirit

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~Francis of Assisi


1985 was an amazing year! I graduated high school, started college and the coming-of-age film, St. Elmo’s Fire, debuted. There was one line in the film that I vividly remember. Demi Moore’s character says, “I never thought I’d be this tired at 22.” I’ve uttered those words several times throughout my life and eventually I’d change my circumstances, life would seem ok for a while, but, alas, I’d find myself exhausted once again.


When we give away our inner strength and power to circumstances, other people, our job, our family or even our friends and acquaintances, we will inevitably find ourselves stressed out and “tired.”


Join myself and Darlene Pruitt in this ½ day workshop, From Stressed to Blessed: Mind, Body, Spirit:

Date:                        January 16th, 2016

Time:                       9:00am – 12:30pm

Location:    Village Inn Event Center in Clemmons, NC.


Don’t do what I did for too many years. What’s that you ask – how did you end up so tired and stressed?


I failed to take care of myself. In fact, I was very unkind to myself, self-destructive and self-sabotaging.


Do what I now do. What’s that you ask – how do you enjoy a blessed life?


I learned how to provide great care for myself first and then serve others from my overflow. Now, I get to share and empower other high velocity women to go from stressed to blessed and from being blessed to being a blessing in the world!


This is for all ladies ready to tap in to their greatest resource….that’s YOU!!!


Helpful Hint: gift the workshop to your friend(s) – what a wonderful support and accountability for you and them too.
In this interactive workshop you will:

~Learn how small moments of self-care become cumulative sources of balance, stability and strength.
~Discover how movement and meditation lead you to your source of power and wisdom.
~Learn From the Inside Out: Effective Ways to Manage Stress.
~Discover that you are not alone and have FUN in the process.
~Leave feeling inspired, blessed, and ready to be the blessing you are in the world.


We will help you to bring the mind, body and spirit together by combining movement, education and meditation.


Don’t wait until you have the time…do it now. You are worth it.


Come and build your supportive tools and confidence and be in community where we grow, we connect, we change, we learn and we support one another.


If are reading this and do not live in the Triad area, I encourage you to take the first step. Introduce yourself to something new: walk in your neighborhood, make an extra run up and down the steps, join a class or club, and develop supportive habits like yoga, meditation, and prayer. Just start and start now – don’t wait until you have the time. We make the time for what we value and give priority. You are worth being your #1 priority!

Starting now, make this your best year yet and register:


Meet Your Hosts:


Karen’s passion is in helping high velocity professional women who have found themselves saying, “Something has got to change and I think it has to be me. I am so ready to go from stressed to blessed”. Then together we figure out what that change looks like and create a plan to get you to where you want to grow. As a CPA and high velocity professional woman who experienced stress, anxiety and burn out, Karen transformed her life through the power of coaching and now thrives in heling others experience transformation in their professional and personal life and enjoy being alive!



Darlene’s greatest desire is to serve and teach women to enrich their life through movement and meditation. Darlene is a constant learner and lover of life and expressed her passion as a former pre-school teacher, certified yoga instructor, certified Reiki Master, Minister of The Universal Church, and animal advocate.