Are you a duck, an elephant or a mouse?

Last week, 50 ladies joined us as we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some Americanized Hispanic cuisine and exchanged “Happy Mother’s Day” between many of our mothers!


This month, our speaker was Sindy Martin.  Sindy was entertaining, interactive and candid.  She brought to light the importance of some of the small details to our professional image and gave tips to how we can tweak some of these learned or inherited habits.  Sindy had the room in a roaring laugh with a three minute video on the 10 worst handshakes; from the sweaty handshake, to the ghost, to the worst offender… the lingerer.

IMG_2567-001   IMG_7042

Sindy Martin is the founder of Smartin International, Inc. and The Smartin Center for Professional Excellence, a premier business professionalism and protocol consulting firm dedicated to helping executives enhance their professionalism, interpersonal skills and cultural awareness. She has provided communication and leadership training programs, keynotes, and executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies, universities and national conferences.

As an internationally known speaker, author, trainer and coach, Sindy is on a mission to revitalize civility helping thousands of people around the world learn to be more confident and courteous in business and social situations. She is the author of Smartin-Up Your Professionalism in 365 Tweets. Sindy has appeared on television including CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates and has written featured articles for newspapers and magazines.

Sindy was a delight to have spend time with our group and her presentation made for an excellent transition into next month’s Second Annual Image Fair!


Ivey Baker

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