Can someone give me a map, please?

Have you ever tried to get from your current location to an unfamiliar destination without a map or GPS?  Have you ever found yourself without power in your house at night without a candle or flashlight?  We use these tools to navigate from point A to point B because they create a clear path and make life easier.   Why should navigating the path to a healthy lifestyle be any different?

We are so overwhelmed with an abundance of information as it relates to our health.  No knock against the source, a lot of it is high quality information that could certainly be applicable, for the RIGHT person!

We hear, “Do an hour of cardiovascular activity each day for a healthy heart and weight loss” or maybe “Eat a diet low in saturated fats (but maybe high in carbohydrates)”.  The problem is… we all have different sized feet and the shoe does not fit everyone.

At our March luncheon, next week, we will be spending our time together in both fun and meaningful networking activities to get to know one another and to determine how we can add value to each other.  During our normal luncheon time, Novant Health has offered up complimentary ON SITE Biometric Screenings so that our women can know their “numbers”.  Even better, there will be on site wellness coaches to discuss how these numbers apply to you!

Why is this important?  If we don’t know what is really going on in our bodies, how can we navigate towards a healthier life?  How can we treat our bodies with exercise and nutrients if we don’t know exactly what we need?   Like a map on an unknown road or a flash light in the dark, our numbers direct us to making appropriate decisions around our health specific to us as individuals.

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I have been a part time fitness instructor, marathoner and triathlete for nearly eight years and have also tried just about every type of workout and every diet imaginable.  You know what is EXHAUSTING?  Forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t feel natural and that isn’t right for your body in attempt to get the results you are looking for.  I remember feeling like I was nearly killing myself during a period of time when I was training about 20-25 hours a week and eating high carbs, moderate protein and minimal fat.  I was exhausted… and looked it.  I found my stride when my triathlon coach finally told me, “Ivey, fat is fuel. Once you burn all of those carbohydrates that you ate for breakfast, your body relies of the fat that you have consumed and your fat stores to finish your workout and get through the day”.  I took her advice, have knocked down my own fitness barriers and never looked back.  Stop struggling!  Take advantage of the resources in front of you! We all need professionals in our life to get us on the path to success.

PWWS and Novant Health invites you to take advantage of this AMAZING opportunity to find out more about what is really going on inside and to help you to make informed decisions about navigating towards a healthy life!

Be sure to visit our MARCH luncheon page to learn more about what is going on next week and what you need to do to prepare!