About Us

In the summer of 1990, a small group of professional women in Winston-Salem spearheaded by Janice Kerley and Karen Bunch met to formulate a plan for an organization geared toward female professionals in the Winston-Salem area. Others involved in that process were Marge Becker, Nancy Ellison, Jeryn Freeman, Leslie Martin, Liza Martin, Pat McPhail, Nancy Merchson, Christina Skeeters and Judy Vassar. The first formal meeting was held on November 14, 1990, at the Piedmont Club.

Professional Women of Winston-Salem (PWWS) is an energetic organization inclusive of women in all disciplines. PWWS seeks to become an inviting place for all professional women looking to grow their network and centers of influence in the Winston-Salem community.

Over the years, leadership has been passed on from generation to generation of energetic and passionate women. Visit leadership to learn more about our current board of directors and to take the next step in learning more about how to get involved with PWWS.

Once women commit to PWWS and joint as members, PWWS leadership feels a strong commitment to working for our members to deliver the resources and an environment where our members feel that they gain value. Leadership seeks to maintain a superior level of standards for our programs by inviting engaging and informative speakers that address the needs and concerns of our members.

Monthly luncheons are our primary meeting place; however, we work with membership to host additional special events throughout the year where our members will have more opportunities to get to know one another and to address concerns specific to their personal and professional journeys. We also host a member directory on our site where women have the opportunity to showcase their business, what they seek to gain or add to the PWWS and lessons learned in the business. Within the member directory, our members will also be given the opportunity to provide various avenues for women to reach out to them to gain additional information.

Our Vision is to create an environment where women will learn to become their best self, where they will grow professionally to reach and exceed their goals and where women will build a network of lasting relationships.

Our Mission is to provide valuable personal and professional resources to a network of positive, supportive women that inspire and empower professional women of Winston-Salem.

We Value:Honesty, Positive Attitudes, Passion, Authenticity, Resilience, Curiosity, Belief in Self, Open Communication, Commitment, Inspiration.

Investing in our Winston-Salem Women

Ten percent of life is what happens to you and ninety percent is what you choose to do about it. In our own special way, all women want a few, very similar things out of life. We want the love of someone special. We want to be able to provide for our families; financially, developmentally, and emotionally. We want to leave a legacy; whether it is in our careers, in a community organization where we serve, or in our children as they grow into their own. We also want to be challenged to use our many gifts and to feel fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

Our Scholarship

Since 2000 Professional Women of Winston-Salem (PWWS) has given scholarships each year to help single, employed mothers who are working to complete college degree. The scholarship is open to single mothers either residing in or attending a college or university in Forsyth County. The PWWS Silent Auction, held annually in the fall, serves at the primary fundraiser for the scholarship fund, although cash donations are welcomed throughout the year.

Our PWWS Scholarship winners do not look back on the events in their lives that lead them to where they are, instead they look forward and beyond. They choose not to let life happen to them but to create the life that they want for themselves and their children.

At any point during the year, we welcome you to donate directly to the PWWS scholarship fund here on our site.

Single, working mothers are a precious category of women that might have found themselves in their position either by choice or misfortune.

Regardless of the circumstances, these women prove each and every day to be both powerful and courageous. Everything that they do is for their children and they play many roles. These mothers are the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the teacher, the head chef, the nurturer, and the chief executive officer of the home. They work hard, long hours to provide for their children. These women wish for the same things all women want. In the hustle and bustle of single motherhood, a desire that often requires them to make an extra sacrifice is in achieving their own sense of fulfillment and purpose. Professional Women of Winston Salem seeks to make that burden a little lighter.